Dark Shadows




52-386 - 1st            52-386 - reprint



52-541 - 1st         52-541 - reprint



52-543 - 1st         52-543 - reprint



52-610 - 1st         52-610 - reprint















William Edward Daniel Ross ("W.E.D." Ross) wrote more than 300 novels under a long string of pseudonyms. Using the name "Marilyn Ross," he wrote a group of novels based on the popular TV series "Dark Shadows."

The first four books (numbers 52-386, 52-421, 52-543 and 52-610 in the Paperback Library run) had painted cover art.

However, after April 1967, when actor Jonathan Frid came to the show to take on the role of Barnabas Collins, photo covers featuring him became the norm, including reprints of those numbers ... even though Barnabas WAS NOT a character in those four novels.


Thanks to contributor Martin O'Hearn for this info.


Contributors of cover art on this page include:

Bob Gaines, Brian Maginnity & Martin O'Hearn