Legal Stuff



I  consider each scan on my website to be completely in the public domain. There are no safeguards, no encryption, no security codes or logins. Any person can easily download any image on the site.


I will always attribute scans to those who contribute them, wherever I use them on the site.

I will never post a large, high definition scan from a contributor which could be used for commercial purposes. Pictures on BookScans are relatively small, low quality scans. If you send me a high-quality scan, I will resize it. I will not release contributed high-quality pictures. Period.

If any webmaster from another site contacts me for permission to use a scan that is from MY personal collection, I grant it. If he or she requests a scan that has been contributed by someone else, I will refer that person to the contributor (by email), suggesting that the contributor be asked for permission to use the image. But I can't be held responsible if contact isn't made.

If any contributor ever contacts me and informs me that he or she no longer wants his or her scans on the BookScans site, I will immediately remove them.

If anyone ever contacts me and claims to be the original source and wants scans removed, I will immediately remove them and then try to sort things out later.

Cover pictures from BookScans are cropping up all over the internet. Often, permission has not been granted. Such is the nature of the World Wide Web. I consider BookScans to be a free reference resource, available to everyone. I do a lot of work to bring you these images, but I'm at peace with the reality that scans are going to show up elsewhere, unauthorized.



- Bruce Black